Welcome to Health Connect

Health Connect is staffed by healthcare professionals, with the assistance of trained volunteers. Our volunteer force is recruited from throughout the state.

Our Mission: Health Connect is an independent source of free health information for individuals, families and communities.

Our Vision: We empower people to make health decisions by providing current, understandable information.

Health Connect provides individuals, families and communities with up-to-date information regarding various medical challenges, as well as to help to identify resources available on a local, regional and national level. The resources offered would be a variety of specific medical information, referrals to other organizations who may have specific information, referrals to other medical library resources and multimedia sources (websites). Support group information and national agencies would also be provided. Health Connect does not seek to duplicate services currently being provided in the area, but rather act as a clearinghouse for individuals, families and communities seeking ONE source for all relevant information. Health Connect has a lending library collection that includes children’s materials that will assist children in coping and learning about the specifics of their condition or conditions that they see in family members, posters, books and pamphlets on numerous health topics.

Event Web site – Health Family & Safety Festival – October 11th 2014!!!

Health Connect Newsletter Spring 2013.


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