We all suffer from mood swings. They’re normal! Well, unless it’s starting to affect other people or one’s own life drastically. However, what is behind these mood swings and how can we minimize them?

  1. Hormonal changes are a large culprit of mood swings. These hormonal changes come from pregnancy, expectant menopause, and PMS-ing.
  2. We all experience stress, and whether or not its good or bad, it can affect our mood.
  3. Mental health conditions also cause mood swings, especially depression. Other mental disorders that cause mood swings include bipolar disorder, ADHD, and borderline personality disorder are among the most common.
  4. Substance abuse. Mood swings can come from drinking or drugs on the day of the substance use, but it can also cause major mood swings if addiction occurs.

Common triggers also include life changes, sleep habits, your diet and certain medications.


In order to minimize mood swings try and keep yourself on a schedule, especially eating and sleeping! Get enough sleep each night, exercise regularly, and eating healthy is always key! Keeping your body health allows it to deal with stressors more efficiently! Relaxation techniques can be helpful in preventing mood swings and avoiding stress where possible.


If you ever deal with mood swings, don’t worry! You’re normal. However, if it ever becomes a concern, don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor!