De-Stress With Food

Stress is inevitable, however, we don’t need to sabotage our healthy habits in the process! When we are stressed, it is easy to snack and even easier to grab unhealthy munchies. So, what can you snack on guilt-free? Leafy green veggies–Leafy greens help promote neurotransmitters, which in return regulate mood. Stress=bad mood, (healthy) food=happy! Turkey–Turkey also …Continue reading

Smoothie Meal Prep and Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to incorporate servings of fruits and veggies, and they are a great source of many micronutrients as well! Here are three easy ways to meal-prep your morning or snack smoothies! Minimal prep. Don’t want to pre-make your smoothies, but want to do some prep? This method is for you! All it …Continue reading

Mood Swings

We all suffer from mood swings. They’re normal! Well, unless it’s starting to affect other people or one’s own life drastically. However, what is behind these mood swings and how can we minimize them? Hormonal changes are a large culprit of mood swings. These hormonal changes come from pregnancy, expectant menopause, and PMS-ing. We all …Continue reading

Beating Stress with Positive Thinking

We all deal with stress at some point in our lives; some of us deal with it more than others. We may even feel the effects of stress, but not realize that stress is what is causing those discomforts. Physically, stress can be felt through: headaches, tension, chest pain, fatigue, decreased libido, upset stomach, and …Continue reading

The Benefits and Risks of Daily Aspirin Use

Taking aspirin can have both benefit and risk to our health. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider! However, most importantly, always check with your doctor! He/she will be able to prescribe the appropriate dosage and brand for your personal needs.   Benefits: It may decrease the chance of heart attack and …Continue reading

Let’s Eat Breakfast!

Raise your hand if you love breakfast! But do you actually eat it or do you skip the morning meal? You may want that to be your February goal! Here are some reasons to start chowing down in the morning! 1. If you have diabetes, listen up! Multiple studies have shown that a bigger breakfast …Continue reading

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Most individuals are aware of human trafficking, but many are not mindful of how big of an issue it really is! People are being charged every week for human trafficking, but why is the public kept in the dark about this ever-present problem? While slavery has been deemed abolished in history, human trafficking is the …Continue reading

Foods that Cause Anxiety

Do you currently suffer from anxiety? If so, did you know that certain foods can make it worse? Regardless, the foods we eat can affect how we feel. Try reducing or cutting out the following common foods: > Caffeine As many of us are aware, caffeine can make it difficult to sleep. The amount and …Continue reading

Diabetes Awareness Month–An Introduction to Diabetes!

It’s diabetes awareness month! So let’s take a moment to learn more about this major health burden.  There are currently 30.3 million people living with diabetes–it is a BIG deal.  One in four individuals over 65 will be diagnosed in diabetes. We have all heard about his disease, but what really is it? Diabetes is …Continue reading

Seeing and Reading!

In honor of the Family Reading Festival this weekend, let’s talk about reading and keeping our reading eyes healthy! There are many benefits to reading! Mental Stimulation Stress Reduction Knowledge Vocabulary Expansion Memory Improvement Stronger Analytical Thinking Improved Focus Better writing skills Relaxation Entertainment However, in order to keep reading, we need to keep our …Continue reading