Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Most individuals are aware of human trafficking, but many are not mindful of how big of an issue it really is! People are being charged every week for human trafficking, but why is the public kept in the dark about this ever-present problem? While slavery has been deemed abolished in history, human trafficking is the …Continue reading

Foods that Cause Anxiety

Do you currently suffer from anxiety? If so, did you know that certain foods can make it worse? Regardless, the foods we eat can affect how we feel. Try reducing or cutting out the following common foods: > Caffeine As many of us are aware, caffeine can make it difficult to sleep. The amount and …Continue reading

Diabetes Awareness Month–An Introduction to Diabetes!

It’s diabetes awareness month! So let’s take a moment to learn more about this major health burden.  There are currently 30.3 million people living with diabetes–it is a BIG deal.  One in four individuals over 65 will be diagnosed in diabetes. We have all heard about his disease, but what really is it? Diabetes is …Continue reading

Seeing and Reading!

In honor of the Family Reading Festival this weekend, let’s talk about reading and keeping our reading eyes healthy! There are many benefits to reading! Mental Stimulation Stress Reduction Knowledge Vocabulary Expansion Memory Improvement Stronger Analytical Thinking Improved Focus Better writing skills Relaxation Entertainment However, in order to keep reading, we need to keep our …Continue reading

September is Baby Safety Month!

September is Baby Safety Month! Although the month is almost over, it is always the right time to be safe! The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests these few tips to keep babies sleeping safely! Place the baby on his or her back to sleep Avoid placing pillows, blankets/quilts, or stuffed animals/toys in the baby’s …Continue reading

Preparing for Fall

The Health Connect office has been very busy over the summer.  We are preparing for the activities of the 2015 Family Health and Safety Festival to be held on September 26th at First Presbyterian Church in Sioux Falls.  The event is FREE to attend and the planning committee has been working extremely hard to get …Continue reading

2015 is BUSY… a great BUSY!!

Not all borrowers responded to the question of “how many youth/adults did you reach/teach with the materials?”, but we do have these numbers as of 6/30/15:

2014 was BIG!

Over at 8th & Railroad Center, Health Connect of South Dakota’s circulation increased by more than 100% in one year! Between 2013 to 2014, there was an exponential growth in the borrowing of materials from our library.  Our games, posters, books, kits and health models are being used in classrooms, daycares, meetings and presentations throughout …Continue reading

Donation Letter

The following letter was sent to our donor list in mid-December 2014.

Online Pharmacy Safety

For Immediate Release Contact: Tony Reiss (605-201-2512) Sept. 10, 2013 Leading healthcare groups launch advertising campaign to protect vulnerable South Dakota residents from fake online pharmacies selling counterfeit prescription drugs